The 2022 Fan Exclusive Acoustic Album by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks


PLEASE NOTE: We only had a limited number of copies of this CD manufactured: enough for our supporters and Patreons and a few extras. Once they are gone, they are gone, so get yours while they last!

This album is for all the people who have supported my music over the years. A thank you note to fans from Molly Starlite & The Sputniks, frequencies, is available in CD format exclusively here at! Buy it here and get it signed by me, Molly Starlite!

frequencies features ten brand new original acoustic songs written, performed, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Molly Starlite here at Prickly Dick Records!

The frequencies album in CD format also incudes ten of Molly's favorite acoustic cover songs that won't be available anywhere else.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend, David Zarzecki, who encouraged me every day to keep trying, reminded me daily that I am good enough, and was my sounding board for twenty years. I am going to miss you, buddy... "frequencies" is for you.

frequencies was recorded at Prickly Dick Records recording studio in North Idaho, with engineering, mixing, and mastering by Molly Starlite herself!

  • 1. Dynamite^
  • ©2022 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 2. I Look Up As I Walk*
  • 3. Did You Ever Feel The Same Way, Too?
  • ©2018 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 4. Twist In The Wind*
  • 5. The Devil You Know
  • ©2014 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 6. You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive*
  • 7. frequencies
  • ©2022 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 8. Lay Lady Lay*
  • 9. Gaslight ^
  • ©2022 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 10. The End Of The World*
  • 11. New Orleans +
  • ©2022 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 12. You Suck More Than I Do
  • ©2009 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 13. Thirteen*
  • 14. Forbidden Blue
  • ©2003 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 15. Dream A Little Dream of Me*
  • 16. I'm So Lonesome I could Cry*
  • 17. Stormy Weather*
  • 18. Which Side That You're On +
  • ©2021 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • 19. King of the Road*
  • 20. When You Are Sleeping
  • ©1998 Charity Luthy (Molly Starlite)
  • Pretty 'N' Genius, BMI
  • Track 2 written by Rokusuke Ei & Hachidai Nakamura
  • Track 4 written by Jack Spann
  • Track 6 written by Darrell Scott
  • Track 8 Written by Bob Dylan
  • Track 10 written by Sylia Dee & Arthur Kent
  • Track 13 written by Alex Chilton & Chris Bell
  • Track 15 written by Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt, & Gus Kahn
  • Track 16 written by Hank Williams
  • Track 17 written by Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler
  • Track 19 written by Roger Miller
  • All instruments and vocals are performed by Molly Starlite (Charity Luthy) EXCEPT:
  • Electric guitars on Track 1 by Jonny Mason
  • Harmony vocals on Tracks 3 & 5 by Ali "Kat" Thomas
  • Whistling on Track 20 by Ali "Kat" Thomas
  • Djembe on Tracks 5 & 20 by Ali "Kat" Thomas

* These tracks are cover songs and are owned by their respective copyright holders/claimants/authors. I do not claim any authorship or ownership of any of the cover songs and their inclusion on this collection is for purely personal use.

+ These tracks are exclusive to the CD version of frequencies and will not be made available anywhere else at any time.

^ These tracks are exclusive previews included on this CD that will be made available on another, future release, either on an upcoming album or as a single.