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Meet Molly Starlite & the Sputniks!

Molly Starlite & the Sputniks rocks the Inland Northwest with a unique retro pop sound they like to call "Rockabilly Fleetwood Mac." With more hooks than your Uncle Dan's tackle box, Molly Starlite and the Sputniks is a 4-piece North Idaho band that brings a cohesive look and sound to any event or show. Molly Starlite & the Spuniks can play shows of their rockin' original material up to 6 hours long, with custom setlists, cover setlists, and acoustic setlists available. Just ask about our custom setlists to meet your event's needs including family-friendly cover material from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, up to today! The links below will take you to a variety of media outlets where you can sample our recorded music & albums, watch live performances, acoustic performances, and visit us on social media! We are active on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more!

Our newest album: Needles & Gasoline!

Needles & Gasoline!

AVAILABLE NOW! The CD version of Needles & Gasoline has an extra, bonus track, "A Little Magic," that won't be available ANYWHERE ELSE, so order your copy today to get the all the newest Molly Starlite & the Sputniks music!

The CD version of Needles & Gasoline has ten new tracks:
Needles & Gasoline * Valentine * Bless Your Heart * A Little Magic * Don't Pinch Me * We Are Charmed * Call Shotgun * Swipe Right * Playing With Fire * Stepford Wife

Only $14 shipped in the U.S. - $20 shipped Internationally! Click below to Buy!

US Buyers:

More Music!

BitterSweet CD by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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Troublemaker CD by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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Tailored Tunes
Tailored Tunes digital release by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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Our first music video!

Watch live band and acoustic performances at our Facebook Videos page! Click here!