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Kitschy Christmas!Help us make more new music by sponsoring us on Patreon! On Patreon, we post new demos of original and cover material, and our sponsors have access to exclusive downloads, including demos of our upcoming album (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot), parody songs, interactive concerts, and MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! All monies collected will be used to continue building our own studio in the infamous "band shed." Consider tossing a dollar in our virtual guitar case and join us!


Meet Molly Starlite & the Sputniks!

Molly Starlite & the Sputniks rocks the Inland Northwest with a unique retro pop sound they like to call "Rockabilly Fleetwood Mac." With more hooks than your Uncle Dan's tackle box, Molly Starlite and the Sputniks is a 4-piece North Idaho band that brings a cohesive look and sound to any event or show. Molly Starlite & the Spuniks can play shows of their rockin' original material up to 6 hours long, with custom setlists, cover setlists, and acoustic setlists available. Just ask about our custom setlists to meet your event's needs including family-friendly cover material from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, up to today! The links below will take you to a variety of media outlets where you can sample our recorded music & albums, watch live performances, acoustic performances, and visit us on social media! We are active on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more!

Kitchy Christmas


AVAILABLE NOW! Includes two new, ORIGINAL holiday songs: "Kitschy Christmas" and "Merry Christmas, Baby" as well as a cover of that New Years' Eve favorite, "Auld Lang Syne" (in a style that's NOT a dirge!), and, for the first time, "Hot Rod Christmas" in CD format!

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Curse of the Tiki

Original songs from our SOLD OUT, scripted, Friday the 13th concert, Curse of the Tiki, is now available on all streaming platforms and on CD! Contains 4 brand-new songs that tell the tale of a honeymooning couple in 1962 who accidentally unleash the "Curse of the Tiki!"
Includes the following tracks:
Honeymoon * Ballad of Bloody Bess * The Curse of the Tiki * Spellbreakers

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Our newest album: Needles & Gasoline!

Needles & Gasoline!

AVAILABLE NOW! The CD version of Needles & Gasoline has an extra, bonus track, "A Little Magic," that won't be available ANYWHERE ELSE, so order your copy today to get the all the newest Molly Starlite & the Sputniks music!

The CD version of Needles & Gasoline has ten new tracks:
Needles & Gasoline * Valentine * Bless Your Heart * A Little Magic * Don't Pinch Me * We Are Charmed * Call Shotgun * Swipe Right * Playing With Fire * Stepford Wife

Only $14 shipped in the U.S. - $20 shipped Internationally! Click below to Buy!

More Music!

BitterSweet CD by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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Troublemaker CD by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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Tailored Tunes
Tailored Tunes digital release by Molly Starlite & the Sputniks

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This is a "digital only" album. Click one of the icons above to listen!

Our first music video!

Watch live band and acoustic performances at our Facebook Videos page! Click here!